The ProGen

The ProGen is an industry‐recognised solution that enables you to print unique codes on your packaging using your current printers. It’s our most popular device. It is capable of automatically transmitting codes from different batches of codes, depending on the product being packaged. It does this without compromising the speed of your packaging lines.

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μFeeder – micro Feeder

Using your current printers, you can very easily print unique codes on to your products with the uFeeder, our entry-level code-feeding device.  It will never output the same code more than once, and won’t compromise packaging speeds.  With the uFeeder, you don’t need a PC on your production line.

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The ARCC is a code reader which generates and transmits a unique code prior to each print cycle.  It keeps a detailed log file and can detect product changeovers – so you always know which unique codes have been applied to your various products.  Like all our equipment, the ARCC will never output the same code more than once, and is simple to operate.

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JetSet is our pioneering Printer Control and Management System for production line printers.  It can be customised to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.  JetSet has the potential to greatly reduce your packaging waste by eliminating the risk of coding and labelling errors.  It maintains a log of all transactions.

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