Promotional Coding, Unique Coding & Machine Vision Ireland:

Welcome to RivTec

What would happen if you printed the wrong code on your product? A re‐work, maybe, or a full‐scale product recall? Here at RivTec, we can help you reduce the risk of it happening.

We’re experts in three major areas:

Unique Codes

Generating unique codes and getting them on to your products

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Coding & Marking Assurance

Providing software to control and monitor your production line printers 

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Machine Vision

Automating your production lines with image­‐based inspection systems 

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Andrew Townsend

My company works with very demanding customers and production/ delivery times are always extremely tight. We send products across Europe and down to New Zealand and Australia. I have to say that Rivtec and Owen in particular have always provided us with an extremely fast and reliable service whenever we have called upon them. This level of service and commitment from a supplier is greatly appreciated and is vital to the success of my company.

- Andrew Townsend / BPI Packaging
Tom Dignan

We introduced mass promotional printing with our shortbread, petticoat tails and assortment products. I found Owen / RivTec to be 100% helpful with this new introduction and they were fully committed in helping us with any issues that arose to ensure production ran as smoothly as possible. I would highly recommend them to any business

- Tom Dignan / Line Manager Paterson-Arran Ltd Speciality Division