Mick Brown

RivTec, produce and supply a very reliable and competent Code Feeder Unit which meets the market requirements. The RivTec ProGen Code Feeder Unit is a quick, easy, reliable and maintenance free system to have unique coding on all your products. Hive Online can totally recommend the use of a RivTec ProGen Code Feeder Unit to operate in conjunction with your existing code printing system. We have more than 8 years experience of working with the very reliable RivTec ProGen Code Feeder Unit in order to satisfy customers requirements, to have URN codes on packs.

- Mick Brown / Packaging and Code Manager
Andrew Townsend

My company works with very demanding customers and production/ delivery times are always extremely tight. We send products across Europe and down to New Zealand and Australia. I have to say that Rivtec and Owen in particular have always provided us with an extremely fast and reliable service whenever we have called upon them. This level of service and commitment from a supplier is greatly appreciated and is vital to the success of my company.

- Andrew Townsend / BPI Packaging
Carl Del Gaizo

I only wish that we at Markem Imaje got the same help and advice from all our suppliers.  Owen is always prompt with help even in the evenings and on weekends for nonchargeable advice.

- Carl Del Gaizo / Pre-Sales Engineer
Richard Turnbull

When Parkside Flexibles (Europe) Ltd were approached by an FMCG Brand to add an Intelligent Unique Random code to every pack they printed on their behalf they turned to RivTec for support. We found their technical advice invaluable during the installation process, which coupled with their knowledge of problem solving during the printing of the finished product would lead Parkside to recommend RivTec to other printers who find themselves with similar third party demands. Parkside were put in contact with RivTec through the code management company [Hive Online UK], they had an in depth knowledge of both the required software and accompanying hardware which enabled Parkside to produce the finished product at no extra cost to the customer and without any loss of speed on their Flexographic presses.

- Richard Turnbull / Parkside Flexibles
Tom Dignan

We introduced mass promotional printing with our shortbread, petticoat tails and assortment products. I found Owen / RivTec to be 100% helpful with this new introduction and they were fully committed in helping us with any issues that arose to ensure production ran as smoothly as possible. I would highly recommend them to any business

- Tom Dignan / Line Manager Paterson-Arran Ltd Speciality Division
Mark Peacock

RivTec worked collaboratively with us and our coding equipment suppliers to understand and customise an economical solution. We found that the support and documentation provided gave us the confidence to manage the coding on our shop floor resulting in a practical, reliable and robust unique coding process.

- Mark Peacock / Manufacturing Engineer Tata Global Beverages