How to increase your sales with the Internet of Packaging

The Internet of Things is a hot topic at the moment. It’s the exchange of data between physical devices (‘things’) across the internet. These smart devices include smartphones, cars, buildings and household appliances such as fridges, door locks and security cameras. Being able to turn on the heating at home using your smartphone at work is an example of the Internet of Things in action.

What makes the devices ‘smart’ are the microchips and communication technologies (WiFi, Bluetooth etc) that they contain.

Leading on from this is the Internet of Packaging. Now, even though the technologies in smart devices are cheap, they’re not cheap enough to put on single packs of cornflakes or shampoo – but what you can put on them are unique codes such as QR (Quick Response) codes.

By scanning these, you can connect the packs to the internet – thereby creating an Internet of Packaging. It has been described as the future for consumer brands, and unique codes – our expertise at RivTec – are right at the heart of it.

So what benefits does the Internet of Packaging provide? How can it improve your sales? Why should you invest in the technology? Here are three reasons:

  1. Product Information

    These days, many consumers want to know more about what’s in the products they buy. Does that shampoo contain micro-beads? Are GMO materials in those cornflakes? What are the ingredients, nutrients and allergens in that tin of soup?

    Scanning the smart code takes the consumer to a landing page that can give all the product details they’re asking for – far more details than can be printed on the pack.

    As you know, giving the customer what they want is a key step to them buying your product – and many modern consumers want lots of information. With the Internet of Packaging, you can easily give them that.

    (Or to put it another way, if you don’t give people the information they need to make a buying decision, they won’t buy your product. They’ll buy from one of your competitors who does use this technology.)

  2. Connectivity and Customer Engagement

    Leading brands today increasingly want to connect with consumers through the pack, and unique codes let them do this. Scanning or inputting the code on a pack takes the customer to a landing page on the brand’s website.

    This can be a product information page as above, or a social media platform, or perhaps the webpage of a promotion the brand is running. Once on the landing page, the customer can be asked to register their details in order to proceed further. This immediately allows the brand to start engaging with the customer, with the view to understanding them better and introducing them to more products. It can also be tied in with loyalty programmes, which reward the customer for their on-going purchases.

    Once more, driving sales upwards.

  3. Data Connecting with customers, engaging with them and getting their details gives the brand precious consumer data. It also lets them conduct market research and trial new products, and gain significant consumer intelligence.

    This consumer data and intelligence can – if properly used – significantly increase sales.

It’s in these ways that the Internet of Packaging – using unique codes – can grow your sales and the value of your brand.

Here at RivTec, we’re experts in the on-site management of unique codes. We supply leading brands with the equipment that generates the codes that create the connected packs.

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